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BRITTANY DICAPUA, FOUNDER Brittany started The Boston Food Journal in 2015. With a degree in biomedical engineering and a background in technology project management, she wanted to create a platform that combined her skills and experience in technology with her love of food.  Four years later, she is taking the Boston Food Journal to the next level. In 2019, Brittany expanded her business into The Boston Journals, an influential marketing platform that serves restaurants and brands in both hospitality, travel, and beauty verticals. Brittany works full time as the Associate Manager of Real-Time Digital at New Balance Athletics, Inc.

She is currently featured in: NARCITY, New Boston Post, GILT, Chronicle on WCVB5 ABC, Citizens Bank, Boston Voyager,, New England Food Show.


the best part about kale - not eating it.

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CAITLIN DICAPUA, WRITER Caitlin is Brittany’s sister and fellow food afficeiendao. You may have seen her hands featured in an Instagram post or content on the Boston Food Journal Website. With an English and History degree and near-complete MBA, Caitlin combines her passion for writing and her knowledge of business marketing as a writer for the Boston Journals. Caitlin works full time as a Regional Sales Manager at NetSuite Oracle.