When the initial invitation came through, I asked myself whether or not I’d be interested covering a story line from the popular fast food chain, McDonald's. I argued with myself. My brand focuses solely on stand alone, independently owned restaurant groups in and around Boston. For example, your neighborhood Italian Enoteca or the small butcher shop wedged between two adjacent brownstones.

But as a blogger, it is my responsibility to be non-biased, educational, and true to myself.

Given the fact that McDonald's globally serves about 75 burgers every second, I figured this story would certainty be of interest to some [Business Insider, 2012].

And let’s be real here…. we all know we low key (high key) love McDonald's.

I accepted the invitation and journeyed to Everett for the McDonald's event highlighting their new signature-crafted menu concepts.

The event started with a tour of the new facilities from Chef Mike Lingo, an Iowa native who joined the McDonald's culinary team in early 2015. The Everett location was first in Massachusetts to champion the new modern design concepts and virtual ordering capabilities. With large five-foot touch screens upon entry, the concept allows customers to digitally customize and build out orders at the touch of a button. The cherry on top? McDonald's will then deliver your meal straight to your table.

Chef Mike and team educated us on the new menu items. Out with the old patties and in with the new, this menu was set to ‘raise the bar’ even higher. See the new featured line up below:

Pico Guacamole: Smooth and creamy meets chunky and spicy with white cheddar cheese, guacamole made with 100% Hass avocados, freshly prepared Pico de Gallo, crisp leaf lettuce and creamy ranch sauce made with real buttermilk and sour cream blended with shallots, garlic and spices. Served with a fresh lime wedge.

Sweet BBQ Bacon: Sweet BBQ heat meets savory, with grilled onions, thick-cut Applewood smoked bacon, creamy white cheddar, delicious BBQ sauce, all topped with golden crispy onions.

Maple Bacon Dijon: A satisfying combination of sweet and savory, with grilled onions, thick-cut Applewood smoked bacon with sweet maple seasoning, white cheddar, crisp leaf lettuce grown and a creamy Dijon sauce.

The Pico burger was delicious and very fresh (the event was held on Cinco de Mayo; so I thought ordering guac [and the Pico burger, for that matter] was fitting).

After I devoured my patty (and one…or maybe even two buckets of fries) we geared up for the second half of the evening. To evoke the signature-crafted event theme, McDonald's brought in the lovely ladies of Sip and Script to guide a calligraphy workshop class.

We learned all about nibs, serifs, and ascending lines while flexing our creative skills. It was so much fun – make sure to check Sip and Script out on Instagram and the web. Owners Meg and Julie work private events and are currently working to break in to commercial events as well.

A Pico burger, oreo McFlurry, and educational session on the meaning of the Frork later (Frork = literally a fork for your fries), I rolled out of McDonald's full and content with my swag bag in hand (oh yes, they gave us goodie bags filled with McDonald's swag; hats, water bottles, etc.).

I was incorrect with my preconceived notion that McDonald's was not a suitable candidate for my blog. I was blown away by not just the event (it was very organized and the staff were extremely welcoming) but also by the fresh, delicious food sold at an affordable cost.

Thanks to all of the McDonald's staff for being so accommodating. I’ll be back soon for my weekly McFlurry intake!

Note:  I received compensation from McDonald’s in exchange for writing this review. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

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